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Why are there different tracks?

Garage door tracks are chosen primarily depending on the door's weight – as you should do with all garage door parts. The type of the door and whether it's a high lift or standard system will make a difference to their length and there're also vertical tracks for the wall, horizontal for the ceiling and curved ones for the corners.

How do I lubricate the parts?

Your first priority must be to clean the garage door parts from grime. You must also get good quality lubricants preferably in spray form since it will be easier to use. You must approach the nuts, rollers and other parts and spray approximately two drops of lubricants. Don't overdo it; just make sure parts are lubricated well.

Should I inspect the garage door?

Regular garage door inspection must be done from time to time. Our experts in Garage Door Repair Emerson recommend inspecting the door annually. If any problem is suspected, call our professional service technician for a thorough evaluation. In addition, they can also perform routine maintenance.

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